Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Whirling Turban Hawaiian heaven & Bra top review.

As promised, I want to share my review with you all, on the two gorgeous tops that have arrived since my visit to the Whirling Turban studio.
Firstly, when you receive a package from Whirling Turban they are always beautifully boxed with a bow, as if we don’t all love receiving a delivery full stop, but boxed like this, it’s even more delightful.
Don't you just love a box with ribbon!

The first top shown, is one of Whirling Turban’s bra tops. The shape, Whirling Turban’s bra top is based a a 1940's swimsuit design, it sounds funny but it’s the kind of top that literally transforms,  once you put it on you feel your inner Va-voom kicking in, such a luxurious fabric & fit. 
This baby is an affordable purchase option, & there is no compromise on quality, full stop. This is what I love about Whirling Turban, you are purchasing items that have been sewn & created in the old Hollywood manner, attention to detail, expertise & tailoring, that goes in each piece, is just extraordinary.  

I’ve seen it first hand on my visit to the studio, these items are made individually by hand. I'm talking, every seam is meticulously ironed before the next seam is sewn, believe me that just doesn’t happen with mass produced machine cut pieces that are on the market, I know what I'd rather!
Speaking from experience, you may see other pin up reproductions selling clothing cheaper, but unfortunately that’s exactly what you end up with. I have purchased other items online & thought oh that’s cute but when I receive it, the fabric is cheap, synthetic with no structure, no artistry & it blatantly fits just poorly. It ends up being a complete waste of money.

The fabric in my particular bra top is made from 100% linen. I much prefer wearing beautiful natural fabrics. All Whirling Turban's fabrics are unique, opulent & a lot of them, one off.
                                                Hawaiian Heaven Corselett
I have always wanted one of these tops, I love, love the shape, it conjures up 50's Dior, so sublime.
There is enough boning & support to be able to wear the Hawaiian Heaven strapless. It comes with a removable adjustable halter strap, so you have the option of wearing this little beauty strapless if you should choose.
The great thing about separates, is it’s an affordable way to add polish to your look, without spending a lot, buying an entire dress. This top finishes off your overall look, especially when teamed with a vintage circle skirt, capri's, high waisted shorts or, you can go for an over all form fitted look (like I’ve done) & pair it with a pencil skirt.

Hawaiian Heaven top

It’s so sumptuous to wear, the tailoring IS haute couture. I wore this top for 7 hours at a wedding recently & even by the end of the night, it still felt good to wear. No pinching or restriction, even when busting moves out on the dance floor.
The added strap bows are optional, they add such a feminine touch, what can I say, I’ve a soft spot for  bows.
The fabric for my particular Hawaiian Heaven Corselette was in the peacock colour. It’s a locally-woven, 100% cotton shark skin fabric, which is just stunning, it has an iridescence to it. Yet, at the same time, it streamlines & contours, as it creates shadow around the contours of the body, urm brilliance!
The fabric itself is made from black fibres, woven in the lengthwise direction, combined with peacock blue fibres, used in the crosswise direction, with a completely matte finish.
So treat yourself, take a look into the world of Whirling Turban, you really don’t have to spend all your hard earned cash.. Remember to check out the separates! 
Stay tuned for my next blog piece which is my one on one interview with Whirling Turban's Katherine...


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  1. WOW!!! Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL review, Gorgeous Creature! xoxox Katherine